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"Anything on your mind as long as it's talking good about me." Benji

"This is my brother Benji." Joel "On my show, aren't you glad I let you hang out? I'm the best VJ on MTV." Benji while Joel is shaking head no in the background

"Tonight's post it goes 'hey did anyone see Benji on tuesday nights show he was scratching his ass at the end while Joel was talking, I can't believe he would do that on TV I thought it was funny'. You know you guys, I enjoy the posts I love reading the message boards but sometimes you just send in the weirdest stuff and let's try to let's try to ("for real" Joel in the background) yeah don't make up stories about me scratching my ass, let's get serious." Benji while scratching his ass

"Throughout the day I had seen them and I went to talk to um Doug the lead singer and he would just run away, he looked scared him and at the end of night I cornered him and I said 'why are you always running away man?'" Benji "Bad joke, I'm really sorry about that kids out there, I'm sorry about him." Joel "Hey I came up with that one myself." Benji with a big smile "Running away, see running away." Benji "Okay give it up." Joel

"Those guys are rich!" Benji "That's not all that matters Benj." Joel
"Fame and money." Benji "Shutup, enough alright." Joel while laughing

"Which means they're really rich and they could buy me stuff." Benji about Puddle of Mudd

"We're gonna start with Joel's favorite song Hero." Benji "It's still a big hit with all the kids in fact they just recently knocked Unwritten Law off the Billboard charts, that's pretty impressive." Benji "For some reason I don't think it's a bunch of kids running the Billboard Charts, I think it's a bunch of guys." Joel "A bunch of old dudes." Benji

"Wait til we go to commercial, or until Joel starts talking...he goes on." Benji

"If you thought we were going to skip the message boards." Joel "You were wrong! We never skip the message boards! And some nice person decided to make a poll on who should get fired." Benji "This should be funny." Joel

"Well I was simply saying boys rock harder then girls, does that piss you off? That men are better then woman." Benji

"The band says their wishlist of openers is Papa Roach, SOAD, and  Adema they also were thinking about calling us." Benji "Good Charlotte."  Joel

"Joel likes legos." Benji

"Stay with us or we'll have our feelings hurt." Benji while him and Joel make puppy dog faces

"Satan has a sister and she's a fan of ours?" Benji "Be quiet, this gets serious." Joel "The asthma attacks are probably pretty frequent, in hell. We're sorry that satan's your sister." Benji

"Now I know you wanna tell this whole story but I think we should play this video." Benji to Joel

"The screen name is GoodCharlotte7." Joel "I like it so far I like it." Benji "First of all I think Good Charlotte rocks and I love the first CD." Joel "Yes keep going." Benji "I can't wait until October 1 when you're new CD The Young and The Hopeless comes out." Joel "You know it's funny she should say that, we have a cd coming out October 1 called The Young and The Hopeless, and uh ya know you should check it out." Benji "Are you ever in your career coming to Alaska?" Joel "I should hope so and another band that might come to Alaska is Default, and we should hope they go to Alaska." Benji

"It's the third single off his CD Cocky and it's 'F'in 'F'in great video director...although I don't think the typical guy next door dates Pamela Anderson. F that. Do you think Pamela Anderson has a younger sister?" Benji "If she did she wouldn't be interested." Joel

"I am Benji and this is the other guy Joel." Benji "Yeah that's right I'm Joel, also a host of this show." Joel
"Waa Waa Waa blah blah blah play this blah blah blah. So what, you don't like the videos we're playing?" Benji

"Little Timmy we were gonna say no just as a joke to see if you would cry, but we're gonna say yes and play the video." Benji

"You guys watch this I'm gonna dance." Joel

"It's almost like we're friends we hang out every night." Benji "I am
friends with them, I don't know if they're friends with you." Joel

"and it's made them rich and they're gonna buy me stuff." Benji

"This is from drummer chick, I'm assuming that she's a chick that plays drums. Is that funny?" Benji "Not really." Joel

"Don't cry Joel, it's embarrassing, you're gonna embarrass yourself." Benji

"I told you guys I told you we had a show on MTV." Benji "They didn't believe us." Joel "See they even gave us the mics with the little things." Benji

"Wow I've always wanted to hold this." Paul

"GC!" Paul "Represent Paul." Benji and Joel

"This song makes me want to fly." Benji about Hero

"We have to be really quiet because there's probably people sleeping right now." Joel "Probably naked." Benji

"This is Joel my assistant, this is my show and we're hanging out on my tour bus." Benji "Must be his band Good Charlotte too." Joel "Sure is" Benji while smiling and thumbs up "Someone's got a big head." Joel

"Hey they got payed, quit complaining." Benji

"I used to work at target until I went to this work function with a tuxedo painted on my naked body, punch spilled, long story." Benji

"That's a weird middle name." Joel "That's a bad middle name, interesting Joel, it's amazing what my brother knows." Benji

"Joel please don't sing along." Benji "Word." Joel

"I told you guys I knew em! I told you guys!" Joel about NFG "We weren't lying we know New Found Glory." Benji "Hey thanks for that $20 you payed me 5 minutes ago." Cyrus from NFG "Shutup you're my friend dude." Chad from NFG

"All things rocks! All things rock!" Chad while throwing rocks at Joel

"That's a lot of records." Benji "That's why I said THOUSAND." Joel

"It's got some cameos that Joel really loves from Kermit the frog, Miss Piggy, and the rest of the muppets." Benji "Nothing wrong with Muppets." Joel "You guys keep fishing, we're gonna keep shopping." Joel

"If I was on the All Things Rock message boards if I did post my screen name would be a lot cooler then All Things Benji." Benji

"Surfing the web on someone else's board." Joel and Benji

"I sort of feel like when people compare me to Joel even though we're twins it's like kicking me in the face and then punching me." Benji "Well when people compare me to you it's-" Joel "Let's play the video." Benji

"So don't go anywhere or we'll kill you." Benji "We're not gonna kill you, just stick around." Joel

"I'm Benji, this is my brother Joel and you are watching my show All Things Rock and uh before we go you thought we were gonna skip it but we are gonna read a post from the message boards." Benji "Why don't you just do it since you're running things right now." Joel "Thank you my brother you're finally recognizing." Benji "You seem to want to do everything else." Joel

"well let me tell you my grandmother she's  a big fan of Good Charlotte as well, I know a lot of grandmas who like Good Charlotte, we're for the grannies." Joel "My grandma is also watching the show so hi grandma." Benji "Hi grandma." Joel

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