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TV Guide Online: Tonight we are chatting with band members from Good Charlotte about their new album which hits stores on September 26. Benji and Joel are now here! Hi guys!
Benji & Joel: Hi and what's up?

Q: How do you guys feel about touring with the punk band Fenix TX?
Benji: We're really excited cause they're friends of ours. And all the other shows we've done with them have been awesome.
Joel: They rock and this is going to be a fun tour.
Benji: And New Found Glory rocks too. So it will be something!

Q: Hey guys! I was wondering if your show tomorrow night at University of Maryland is a closed campus show cause I'm dying to go! Is it?
Joel: Yes it is. The show is closed unfortunately. But we'll be playing soon at the 9:30 Club on Oct. 5th.

Q: Did you go to the Goldfinger show last night? :)
Benji: We couldn't, we got home from Boston too late. But we wanted to and we called John today and said hi.
Joel: But we really wanted to go, cause they rock live.

Q: Do you guys fight a lot? how do you manage to get along when you are constantly together?
Benji: No we don't fight that much. Except over girls.
Joel: We don't fight a lot so it's no big deal.

Q: Looking forward to the CD, any idea what the next single or video will be?
Benji: Hmm. We're not really sure. We haven't decided yet. We are just going to see what happens with "Little Things".
Joel: We're also going to check out what our fans think. I guess you guys out there tonight.

Q: How did you get Mandy Moore to be in the video?
Benji: I waited outside her house for 3 weeks. No... She's on our record label so we knew some people that worked with her and we had people between us. The idea came up, we called her and she said yes & I stuttered.

Q: I love how you guys crowdsurfed during the Eve 6 set... it's so cool to see how down to earth you still are... what has been your favorite show?
Joel: The other night we played Piazanos in Annapolis.

Q: What are the inspirations for your songs?
Joel: All of our songs are just autobiographical. They're all from personal experiences in our lives.
Benji: And girls.

Q: OK, who is single and who is taken?
Joel: We're all single.

Q: Where are you guys from?
Benji: We're from Waldorf, Maryland.

Q: Who's influenced you musically?
Benji: Tons of bands. For me, it would probably be Minor Threat, Rancid, Weezer, Goldfinger and Jimmy's Chicken Shack.
Joel: For me, my influences are like, the Smiths, the Cure, Evan Dando, the Clash, and lots of hip hop. I love Tupac, Cash Money.

Q: Songs, songs? will you tell us what songs are on the album?
Benji: "Little Things", "Waldorf Worldwide", "The Motivation Proclamation", "The East Coast Anthem", "Walk By", and many more.

Q: What's the craziest thing a fan has ever done to or for you guys?
Benji: A fan showed up at our house one time. That was weird. They just wanted to come in and hang out. That was weird. It freaked us out a little.
Joel: But as far as things we like, one fan got a tattoo.
Benji: We think that rules.

Q: Any new songs we haven't heard you play at your shows?
Joel: A lot of new songs. We'll start playing them eventually. We're not sure when we'll break them out. We're going to have fun with the record first.

Q: Did you guys ever think you would make it on MTV, how did it feel?
Benji: We always dreamed of it and wanted it, but we never expected it. It feels really good. It's exciting.
Joel: I always thought I'd be on M2.

Q: I heard you were supposed to have Jimmy HaHa (or however it's spelled) in your video. I saw it for the first time on Sept. 13 at 5:20 on MTV, and didn't see Jimmy. Whatever happened to that?
Benji: Jimmy's plane got cancelled at the last minute cause of the weather, so he couldn't make it Canada. But he is on the record.

Q: How have you enjoyed touring with Eve 6?
Joel: Touring with Eve 6 was awesome. All of the bands, us, Eve 6 and RPM all got along so well that, we're really having fun on tour. Cause we're having a good time.

Q: What do you think about all the fan sites? (hint, hint *kiss crew*)
Joel: The fan sites we've seen are awesome, we love them.
Benji: We're very flattered that people would take the time to put together web sites about us. We think it rules.

Q: What advice do you give to young musicians who want to pursue a career such as yours?
Joel: Just believe in yourself and be persistent, work hard, and keep at it. Eventually, you know it will happen.

Q: What is the most wild thing you've ever done as a band?
Joel: We can't say it on screen, but we'll say the runner up. We went into Blessid Union of Souls dressing room and stole all their Frappachinos. We stole all their food from their dressing rooms.
Benji: We kidnapped Max from Eve 6 and made Aaron take his place. Aaron looks sort of like him. We stole Kid Rock's midget. We kidnapped Joe C too.

Q: Benji, what color do you think you'll dye your hair next?
Benji: Hmm. It's a toss up right now between blue, green, and purple. We're going to have a vote soon on our website. The GC Girls are awesome!

Q: Are you guys going to try to be in your own chat room every now and then? Because we miss you in there...
Joel: We are in the chat room but it seems like when we're there not a lot of people are in, but we're definitely going to try to come in more during prime time.

TV Guide Online: Thanks guys! We are looking forward to the album! Please come back soon!
Benji: It was cool chatting with you. Pick up the CD Tuesday and e-mail and let us know what you think of it. Thanks for all the support. You guys have really made this a lot of fun for us. And remember to vote on TRL. Hope to see you soon at the show.

TV Guide Online: The album "Good Charlotte" comes out in stores on Tuesday, September 26! For more info on Good Charlotte, log on to
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