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How well do Benji and Joel know each other?
Having spent most of their lives together, 22 year old Good Charlotte twins Joel and Benji should know everything about each other, right? They seem to think so. "i'm excited man, "says Joel. "We know each other pretty well." "This is like a game show!" adds Benji. "I'm ready!" Let's see then shall we...

Joel on Benji

What were Benji's best and worst subjects in school?
Joel: History or English, I know he's gonna say one of those. His worst was Math.
Benji: My best were History and English and my worst was Math.

How often does he dye his hair?
Joel: Every two weeks.
Benji: Every two, three weeks.

Has he ever stolen anything?
Joel: (Laughs) Um, no. He won't admit it.
Benji: A couple of hearts, but...(laughs) no, I've never stolen anything.

When was the last time he got into a fight?
Joel: Um... a couple of months ago. (laughs) Who'll be reading this? No one? Ok, then I'll tell you all the good stuff!
Benji: The last one was with this kid who jumped up on stage and hit Joel. But there was some bouncers too, these big football players were picking on this guy, and I was like, "Hey, chill out." They just like jacked me and I was slammed. I shouldn't tell you the story but I destroyed the club. We're involved in a non-violence organisation. I really am into kids not fighting, I think it's really bad. But thse guys were huge! Shut up, they were!

What was the first thing Benji asked Mandy Moore?
Joel: The first thing he said to Mandy was..."Hi!"(laughs) He said, "Why don't you drive?"
Benji: (Laughs) Oh I don't! Let me think... "Hi!" I really don't know. Like, "What's up?" I probably asked what kind of music she was into. She was like, "Oh, I like everything!"

What's his favourite TV show?
Joel: I'm gonna say The Simpsons.
Benji: I'm gonna give a different answer so he gets it wrong. No, it's The Simpsons. He got all the easy ones!

What's the best thing he can cook?
Joel: I know what he's gonna say - linguini with clam sauce. It's good, really good actually. It's very tasty. It's exquisite!
Benji: Linguini with clam sauce. Did he get that right? He's winning this!

What's one thing that he hates?
Joel: I'm gonna say either collage or raves.
Benji: One thing I really hate is stuck up people. I hate snotty people! And I hate traffic. He said raves? Oh yeah, I hate raves!

Does he wear boxers or briefs?
Joel: He wears boxer-briefs.
Benji: Boxer-briefs.

Where's his favourite place to go for a holiday?
Joel: I don't think he's ever been on a vacation, but if he did he would choose California.
Benji: California

Benji on Joel

What is Joel's favourite Good Charlotte song?
Benji: Oh..."Change".
Joel: Right now it's probably "Festival Song".

Has he ever gone skinny-dipping?
Benji: No. Wait.
Joel: (Hesitates) Yes (laughs). Yes.
Benji: He's a liar! He doesn't have the guts to go skinny-dipping!

What is his worst habit?
Benji: It's either hitting on girls or chocolate milkshakes. He said spitting? Oh he's such a loser! Man it's sounding pretty bad, like I don't know him at all.
Joel: My worst habit is probably that i spit a lot. I spit when I walk down the street, all the time. I don't spit when I'm indoors, but if i'm outside or on stage I spit a lot. I don't know why.

What is the worst thing he ever got in trouble for at school?
Benji: Probably being a class clown.
Joel: Fighting. Me and Benj beat this kid up really bad and we got kicked out of school for it. He was picking on both of us. Yeah, he totally deserved it.

Who's the most famous person he's met?
Benji: We meet a lot of people. Let's see, he met Fred Durst...give me a hint.
Joel: I've met a lot of famous people. Probably Billy Joe from Green Day.

What's his favourite food?
Benji: Right now he's eating these protein bars, but he eats vegetables, chocolate milkshakes and anything with ketchup on it. He eats a lot of healthy stuff. Pizza, spaghetti...
Joel: I like a lot of food. I like spaghetti.

Does he prefer Brittany or Christina?
Benji: I'd say Christina.
Joel: I think Brittany seems like the cooler girl, but if I had to choose one of them to get down with I'd say Christina. Like, if I could tape her mouth shut! (Laughs) I guess Christina.

What is his most prized possession?
Benji: He'd say our dog Cass.
Joel: Oh man, my dog Cass. You know Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali's old name), the greatest boxer of all time? Well, my dog's a boxer-the greatest boxer of all time!

When was his first kiss?
Benji: It was Michelle Welch, in 10th grade and it was horrible. He always talks about how bad it was because she was sticking her tongue down his throat. I had to help him recover from it.
Joel: 10th grade, unfortunately. I was 16. That sucks, right? Every other guy I know had his first kiss when he was 12. Her name was Michelle Welch and it was horrible.

How long does Joel take to get ready?
Benji: He'd say 15 minutes and that I take longer. Joel:"Benj takes forever! He's gotta spike his hair!" Benji: Hey, I gotta look good for the girls, man!
Joel: No more than 10 minutes. 15 minutes on a bad day.

The Final Countdown
Hmmm, it would seem Joel knows an awful lot more about his brother. Some might say too much. Joel lost a point because although Benji does hate raves, he didn't say this until he heard Joel's answer.
8 out of 10

He didn't start off well, but Benji made a good recovery. Still, it wasn't enough to beat Joel. Benji says Joel made up his answers to sound cool and that he also got all the easy questions.
4.5 out of 10

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