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"We don't really consider ourselves a punk rock band. Punk rock is suppose to be anti-clique, but these days, even punk rock has gotten cliquey."

"Christina Aguilera tried to make out with me... and I shut her down!" (imitating Joel)

"Someone call the fire department this one's out of control!" (said while shaking his hips back and forth)

"I want a punk when we're 90, we'll still be together, our tattoos will be all old and faded, we'll be sitting in our rocing chairs, still listening to punk music, still in love...and we'll still be having sex to MxPx." (Talking about what type of girl he wants to Joel on stage)

"I wanna ride on a magical piano" (Talking about the vanessa carlton video)

"We rented a car while we are here at the studio and I already put a huge scratch on the side."

His favorite cereal is Cinnamon Life; he eats ketchup on everything; he sings in the shower.

Lend him money to buy another Star Wars toy. Other than that I'd do anything. C'mon, I got his name tattooed on me.

Benji " C'mon, everyone put your hands in the air and sway them back and forth. Let's get a big hippie, we are the world thing going on! "

" Uh... I like dogs... I have a dog... his name is Cash "

" My ass smells like Joel "

'' It must be real tough to be a punk rocker in Wisconsin, you get chased by Rednecks and stuff. "

I fell off the stage and all my clothes fell off! And I wet my pants, but they fell off, so I couldn't wet them, so it must have been the kid standing next to me. "

" I'm going by Benjamin now. It sounds more mature. "

" I will kiss you. I will make out with you. I will make out with anyone with boobies. Aaah besides Paul of course. That's all in the past. "

" Good evening boys and girls! Welcome to the Nutcracker! This is Rob Tim, I will crack your nuts. Today, I'm going to teach you a little lesson about life, the Rob Tim way. "

" This is Joel at the mall. ' Hey girl, who you with? You ever heard that song 'Littile Things' ? Yo, that's about me girl. Awww yeah. ' "

" I have a special heart in my place. I mean a special place in my heart for Avril. I am not good with words when it comes to girls! "

" Hey, I like big guys, OKAY? "

" Hold on, you can make fun of me when I'm done making my point. "

" Oh no! One of my spikes is falling! Hair people, I need gel pronto! "

" Yeah, so next up 311 and their bassist Peanut- actually, that used to be my nickname in grade school. They called me little peanut. Little Petey Peanut. Cause I always ran around with my little peanuts. All over the place. "

"Because I love you, because I care, because.BECAUSE.because you need clean socks!!"-

"Masturbation Pro-justification"

"She's so punk-y! (*shudder*)" On Avril Lavigne


"And me and Joel were thinking that we should change our band to be rap medal so we could be rich too. I'd buy 6 cars."- Benji

"Joel is laid back and innocent but sometimes its like dude come on."- on Joel

"Every single FRICKIN time I go anywhere these little girls come up to me and go "AAH WHERES YOUR TWIN JOEL AT?" and so now I just kinda go "Joel who? Who are you talking about?"


"And now it's time for Joel to stop talking."

"Every morning I hear Joel singing wake me up inside'"

"We still got to do our calestetics." *shrugs*-

"Some guys only like girls cause they've got big fake boobies." - Benji (Joel is practically crying with laughter when he says this, Paul and Billy are also laughing, Benji's trying not to.) "Yeah, and some girls only like guys cause they have nice cars.(giggles) and we think that's stupid!"

"Uh, my name is Benji... I grew up in Waldorf. Single white male. Enjoys long walks on the beach. In search of someone sensitive and caring for conversation, friendship, possible serious relationship, coffee or a good book"

"Up my ass, literally"- (when asked where Joel is)

Some girl: "This question is for Benji and Joel since your twins..." Benji (cutting her off): "No we dont sleep together or shower together. We stopped doing that last week"

"You are watching Hard Rock Live, change the channel and you will die!"

"I must admit, I'm a gassy man."

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