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Benji on Loveline
June 11, 2003

Adam: Hey everybody its loveline. I am Adam Carolla that is Dr. Drew. Phone number 1-800-LOVE-191. Bill Bellamy has just left the building, and now replacing Bill is Benji from Good Charlotte and good charlotte was here on Monday.
Bill: way to go B
Benji: Thank you, thank you
Adam: benji had a couple days in town to hang out
Benji: yeah I got to say guys if I lived here I would do this every week
Adam: well thank you
Benji; this is one of the highlights of my a career. I love this show
Adam: well benji listened to this show back in high school and could possibly be on.
Benji: yes
Adam: and now he is out here living a dream
Benji: living the dream kids, its possible
Adam: his dream is Drews nightmare everybody. Benjis gonna be live 105 right?
Drew: right
Adam: and 91x and then weenie roast
Benji: Weenie roast now. You know what you guys dont have to plug anything for the rest of the show how about that.
Adam: god bless you
Benji: well just be here hanging out
Adam: lets get to the phones and have a good time. By the way the new guys from dumb and dumberer are going to be on the show tomorrow night. They look ok.
Benji: is Jim Carey in that one too?
Adam: he was in the first one.
Benji: he wasnt in the new one
Drew: werent they on briefly
Adam: they didnt make a cameo or anything
Benji: thats disappointing
Adam: him and Jeff Daniels. The first one was a surprise hit. Maybe this one will be too
Benji: a reluctant hit if you will
Adam: Benjis feeling good. Staying in a nice hotel driving a convertible Mercedes around. Got a new tat (tattoo). Hanging out by the pool
Benji: yeah life is good. Got a nice little rental car. Its like a vacation these last couple of days
Adam: hes living the life. You know whats nice you can relax when you know you got a bunch of stuff ahead of you. I mean you know youre going to make some money. The band is going to Europe. You got plenty of stuff to do. So you can take the next few days and not do anything.

Benji: next few days and enjoy it. The guys in Rancid played me the new record.
Adam: hows that sound
Benji: awesome. My favorite band
Adam: when s that come out
Benji: i think its coming out in June or July Im not sure but uh its the best rancid record ever
Adam: oh really
Drew: we havent talked to the rancid guys in a while
Adam: we havent seen the rancid guys in a little while but we had the Transplants guys were in here last night, which is part of the rancid guys.
Adam: Ruthie your 16 whats up
Ruthie: hello I was over at my friends house and we were helping her move and it was early in the morning and she had just left. And um it was me and my boyfriends sisters boyfriend and they were off on a family vacation and we were seeing my best friend off to southern California. And um I was really sad and I had been crying and our whole group is really touchy feeley and we are always hugging and cuddling and stuff.
Drew: yeah
Ruthie: well um we were on her bed and me and the other guy
Drew: the sisters boyfriend
Ruthie: right. We were just laying down on top of the blankets snuggling kinda and being there for each other.
Adam: you were being there for him and he was being there for you
Ruthie: well he was being there for me mostly and we werent doing anything, we were just snuggling
Adam: then what
Ruthie: and he had been having trouble with his girlfriend and stuff like that. And he was rubbing my back and he was like Im not making you feel uncomfortable am i. And I was like no Im fine
Drew: you should have been uncomfortable at that point.
Adam: yeah its always weird when youre a guy and youre trying to comfort but your trying to do some finger banging too. And youre like, your thinking like your going oh baby its going to be ok let it all. And your thinking how do I transition from rubbing the back into the
Benji: I know kids wont believe this but when your 16 youre not really trying to console anyone that much
Drew: 16-year-old male
Benji: when you a 16-year-old guy youre not like. There are caring 16 year olds out there
Adam: youre consoling your penis, Ruthie how old is this guy?
Ruthie: 18
Drew: worse
Benji: that might be worse
Adam: so youre lying in bed and hes consoling you and then what happens.
Ruthie: well then like he started rubbing my leg and then like
Adam: haha I love guys
Benji: hahaand you werent feeling uncomfortable
Ruthie: no because were all like that. We all snuggle and we all
Benji: me and my brothers are like that too.
Ruthie: like at her house we all really open we change in front of each other
Adam: well Ruthie you gotta learn some boundaries
Ruthie: yes I know.
Adam: what did the guy do I want to know what happened
Benji: so long story short what happened
Ruthie: so I was in like sleep pants because it was really early in the morning and he was starting to pull me down and I was like omg Im feeling really unconformable now and I said that and he was like omg Im so sorry. And I was like dont worry about it. Hes like listen Ive just been really upset about my girlfriend
Benji: hes backtracking again
Drew: at least he stopped
Adam: hes really upset about his girlfriend moving out
Ruthie: no no no shes not moving out its one of our friends.
Adam: well ok whatever your friend is moving out
Benji: he basically tried to put the moves on you and you stopped him which is good.
Adam: so now what
Ruthie: so I mean but I know hes not interested in me and Im not interested in him because weve both been in relationships for more than a year.
Adam: you connection is bad thats why its frustrating. But look who cares. Hes not interested in you, your not interested in him fine.
Drew: well he is interested in you
Adam: well hes interested in whoever is lying next to him.
Ruthie: well I kinda want to confront him on it and say you know I want to talk to him about it make sure he is ok with all of it
Adam: no, no. do you have any interest in him at all
Ruthie: No!
Adam: then dont cause trouble, he made a move you shot him down now you do the dignified thing and pretend it never happened.
Drew: but dont be alone with this guy, and lean not to be alone someone you dont really know
Adam: I love the backtrack move too. Oh yeah Im really feeling bummed out you know I want to console you. And he tried to finger bang and its like what are you doing. And hes like I dont know Im so upset this is the way I cope. A lot of people go to church other people rub rosary beads or read a bible, or sit alone. I like to finger bang.
Drew: he may have miss-read the cues
Adam: hes just moving ahead and Im not sure. Ruthie had a screwed up little girl voice, which is trouble. And im getting the feeling that she liked the attention
Drew: I just get immature
Adam: and weird chaos too and listen girls when you go oh we get undressed in front of each other and everyone is cool and we are like family
Drew: no, no that is bad news
Benji: were all just really comfortable with each other man
Drew: men are like lion waiting in the brush, thats what they are doing they are watching the zebra and the elk go by and if they slow down and show themselves there is going to be a predator.
Adam: thats right. Paul? Paul your 15
Paul: no Im 26
Adam: thats only 6 only 11 years off of what I said you were
Benji: not bad not bad
Adam: whats up
Paul: yeah a couple of weeks ago my friends thew me a bachelor party
Benji: getting married
Paul: well um yeah Ive been with her for like 7 years. We use to be married.
Benji: use to be married
Drew: what?
Paul: we were married and divorced and then got back together again.
Benji: sounds good
Drew: at 26?
Adam: so you friends thew you a bachelor party. What happed.
Paul: so they got like 2 strippers and they are doing their stripper show, I have never.
Benji: you accidentally killed one of them. No sorry
Paul: so they are doing their little stripper show and they are like rubbing oil on themselves and then on like the guys
Adam: ok.

Benji: tell me more
Paul: when they were rubbing oil on this one friend of mine um I started getting kinda turned on and like it worried me
Benji: dramatic sigh
Drew: why did you break up with your wife in the first place?
Paul: just problems I was in the army so I got deployed a lot
Adam: got deployed somewhere far away
Drew: and she knew you were in the army when she married you
Adam: oh good he dropped off something wrong with his phone line
Drew: I dont know what to make of all that
Adam: Paul had a bogus idea
Drew: well there is a definite bogus quality about it
Benji: basically he had a though about a guy and was worried
Drew: it was weird enough that we needed more information
Adam: what if you your getting married and you get a boner over a stripper rubbing oil over one of your buddies.
Drew: the stripper is what his focus might have been on
Adam: yeah but he wouldnt have called if that was it. We can all watch a porn movie and kinda ignore the guy that doesnt make us gay
Benji: I mean there are guys in porn
Drew: so what if that is happening. There might be some weird chaos in the relationship he might be gay.
Benji: all right Paul youre gay.
Adam: thank you, not calling anyone Ganga
Ganga: ok I want to talk to benji
Adam: all right here is he
Ganga: hi benji
Benji: hey whats up?
Ganga: ok um I say you in San Diego last Friday really good show. I also saw you on the warped tour when you came here. Yeah
Benji: and you have a sex question for me
Ganga: no, I wanted to ask what you like to do in your spare time and if you have a girlfriend.
Benji: um. I dont have a girlfriend. And in my spare time I like to go on loveline and um
Adam: and he likes to get tattoos and hang out by the pool
Benji: yeahand watch my buddies get hot that was a joke
Adam: thats a decent question, is all your spare time if youre not making music and your not on tour do you just want to do nothing
Benji: sometimes. I mean we tour a lot we spent the last 3 years on tour. 11 months a year on the road. And that one-month that we werent on the road wasnt a sold month. It was like a week here. 4 days here. 3 days here. Sometimes you do nothing absolutely and sometimes you know you do music
Adam: but you dont have any hobbies
Benji: I like to ride my dirt bikes.
Ganga: hey benji can I ask you um are you kinda shy.
Benji: I am sometimes
Ganga: because I noticed on stage your brother Joel is always jumping around looking at every corner of the stage. And you kinda just stay in one spot and dont look at anybody.
Benji: some people would call that lazy, but I like to call it shy
Bill b: way to go B

Benji: no Joel is actually more shy when we are out like and about in public, Joel likes his life to be very private. I dont care. Im shy sometimes. It all depends on my mood.
Adam: are you going to see them at 91x?
Ganga: when?
Adam: Sunday
Ganga: you guys are going to be there.
Benji: yeah its a little surprise, no we are not going to be there.
Drew: your confusing the Transplants schedule with Good Charlottes
Benji: Ill be their guest rapper on the Transplants though.
Adam: good charlotte is going to be at the Weenie Roast and live 105
Ganga: thank you so much, and Benji I have a huge crush on you I love you
Benji: why thank you.
Adam: good times babydoll

Benji: use condoms, always the right thing to say. Any time. Listening to loveline Ive realized that if you dont know what to say you just say use condoms
Adam: yes, use condoms and dont get pregnant
Benji: do you know that they card for condoms in some states?
Drew: yea
Adam: what is this 16 or 18?
Benji: Im not sure but I think Its 18
Adam: because isnt there
Benji: isnt that like defeating the purpose
Drew: yes
Adam: it seems that it would be.
Drew: but its an improvement from how it was when we were young which was it was up behind the medication, which is where the pharmacist was.
Benji: and you have to go uh I need some of those
Drew: Mr. Smith, hed have to come down and talk to the pharmacist
Adam: Well drew would have to go down to Korea town to but his because his father is a doctor and his father knew all the pharmacists. So if he went any place in town it would be like uh yeah the Piksey boy came in here and bought a truckload of condoms. So hed have to head down to. Where did you go China Town?
Drew: sure
Adam: and you know all us round eyes look the same to them. They wouldnt know and difference. But youd have to go back to the back. And theyd have to fish them out right
Drew: yeah oh yeah youd line up with the blue hairs
Adam: I had to make my own condoms. When I was in high school
Drew: really what did you make them out of catgut?
Adam: no I would use sometimes catgut, other times
Benji: water balloons
Adam: yeah water balloons, crown royal sacks. Whatever I had
Benji: you ever seen a water balloon?
Adam: what are you doing with all those condoms you sheltered friend.
Drew: I dunno Im horny
Adam: thats what it would sound like
Drew: Serada?
Adam: is that her name
Serada: yeah
Benji: two interesting names in a row Ganga and Serada
Adam: your 16, whats up
Serada: like um I dont get a lot of sleep and um I sleep like at least 3 or 4 hours but when I wake up I get bruises either on my leg or like on my back and I dont even know why
Drew: how long has that been going on?
Serada: for like um 5 months
Adam: so you like wake up with bruises
Serada: yeah and I dont even know how it happened
Drew: have you been tested to see if its something like leukemia that causes it
Serada: um no I havent
Drew: so the first thing is to make sure its not a medical problem, and blood disorders of various types can cause spontaneous bruising. And its a pretty easy thing to have evaluated. If thats all negative the is something called the "painful bruising syndrome" and I have no heard of, seen, read about except one case I saw when I was in training and they think people do it to themselves in their sleep. Some sort of trauma thing
Adam: well if youre not sleeping well maybe your having disturbed sleep, you roll around and have a nightmare and stuff.
Benji: is your life stress full
Serada: yeah I guess, like it can be I try to avoid stuff
Benji: what do you do. Do you go to school?
Serada: school and then like work but thats it
Adam: why do you think you only sleep 3 hours a night
Serada: well I mean
Adam: and hold on a second people go oh I only sleep four hours a night. But if you really break it down. You go to bed at three and wake up at 6 everyday. I always think to myself. If in fact that is true could you keep that up for a week or two before collapsing
Benji: I have definitely gone through periods where I sleep for 3-4 hours a night for months at a time

Adam: really? And no napping during the day
Benji: where like on tour. Straight up running on no sleep. But then it catches up to you like every two weeks or something. Youll have a couple of days, which you just feel miserable and its a horrible cycle
Adam: I couldnt imagine. I could pull it off for like a day or two but I couldnt do it for like a season
Benji: I tell you guys a little secret about Joel. When Joel when hes got a lot of stress in his life he sleep walks. And talks in his sleep. When we graduated from high school we moved out and uh we just recently this year we dont live together we have separate places. But we always lived together we were always roommates. And I freaks me out so much every time because hes like looking right at you talking non-sense. And youre just like
Adam: and his eyes are wide open
Drew: they are extra wide open
Benji: or hell like pick something up and carry it around talking its weird
Drew: Ive always tried to figure out why it is so disturbing to see someone like that
Benji: its weird because they are not conscious
Adam: Its because their body animated but their brain is like dead
Drew: and they are usually animated in like a weird way, not a normal fluid body movement
Adam: yeah it is very disturbing for someone not sleepwalking when someone does it. And I wish these people would think more about our feelings
Drew: so you need a medical evaluation. No trauma history
Adam: so what is the reason you think you dont sleep well
Serada: well Im BI-polar
Drew: do you take any medication for it
Serada: no my parents wont let me
Adam: why wont your parents let you be on medication?
Serada: they just dont they think medication is not necessary
Adam: are they religious
Serada: yes very
Adam: what are they
Benji: what religion is that
Serada: well my dad is Episcopalian and my mom is catholic so like
Benji: and those religions arent allowed to use medication
Serada: well not they just think that youre a weird depressing person and you dont need it
Drew: what that is. Is your parents dont want to have to deal with the fact that they have a child that has a problem that makes them feel bad and that is why kids have problems because parents dont allow them to develop and be a separate person.
Adam: do you ever say to your dad your ePISScopalian. Youre an ePISScopalian and laugh in his face. Hell let you take medicine after you say that a few times then laugh like a hyena
Serada: no I dont get along with my dad we are completely opposite. He used to drink a lot.
Drew: so you were traumatized
Serada: I guess.
Drew: did anything happen to you during his tirades.
Serada: well like both of my parents smoke pot. And my cousin moved in when I was in 8th grade. And she was like do you want to try it so I was like ok. So when I was a freshman I was smoking all the time. And my dad found out he got really upset and I was like I know you do it and so whats he difference and he goes your
Benji: its because youre not Episcopalian
Serada: I was like youre an adult and I am a child whats the difference. I was like I get that but you know you do it and its ok for you to do it and its not ok for me to do it and its ok for you to do it. And its illegal no matter what
Benji: sounds like there is deeper issues
Drew: every teenager thinks like that
Adam: are they very religious when they are drinking boos and smoking weed too
Serada: yeah
Adam: ha well good times
Benji: yes Rasta
Adam: and drew speaking of religion as I predicted a few days ago. Things have smoothed over in the Middle East. They put together a good 6 days and now they are blowing everyone up again. I have a plan to solve all this. Move the Jews up to Baja. They got a lot of land out there
Drew: ha its a great piece of land. Looks just like Israel.
Adam: just 1500 miles of nothing
Drew: they brought the London Bridge to Arizona, they can bring Bethlehem to Baja.
Adam: I got a couple of plans first we move the Jews to Baja early Sunday morning. Late Saturday night. The Mexicans have been drinking they are hung over. They sleep in on Sunday. Im talking 4 or 5 in the morning on Sunday thats when the Jews move in so the Mexicans dont even know plus with the dark skin and the beards a lot of them arent gonna even know whats going on.
Benji: and the sideburns. Its early
Adam: yeah the sideburns chaos. Now there is one potential problem. As far as headwear goes, never have two cultures been further apart.
Drew: we have to make the black sombrero
Adam: yeah but the problem is the yarmulke (yammica) is the worlds smallest hat and the sombrero is the worlds largest hat. So there is going to be problems but we can get together on that. See Jerusalem is Holy Land because of the soil. Im saying just bring the topsoil. If you tunnel down youre in the center of the earth the magma. So just scrape off the top six inches of Jerusalem and drag it out to just past TJ. The Jews set up beautiful ocean front property. They could use some attorneys over their some captains of industry. They both have a love of horrible desserts, which is Flan and Pavlova. Pavlova is basically sand with honey. And Flan if yogurt with honey dipped on it. They both hate desserts and love the ocean and the desert.
Benji: its both kosher with me
Adam: its going to work. Or do you think they should stay where they are surrounded by people who hate everybody and love to kill and just have a few more hundred bus bombs go off until everyone is dead. And I dont understand by the way. That people are like we send our kids to Jerusalem to study. Its like really, really your sending your kids out to Israel
Benji: we sent them to have a near death experience
Drew: maybe not near
Adam: how freaked out would you be if you are living in Israel and you are climbing on a bus or sitting in a café in a crowded part of town
Benji: I wouldnt do it
Adam: can you imagine being a dentist couple from Encino (CA) like yeah we have a nineteen-year-old daughter were sending her out for a couple of years to study abroad. So anyway this is never going to work. Here is the reason why. Too many people wanting to go at it. Its not the entire population its like one percent. You take one out of every 100 people who want to blow something up you got a bad scene
Benji: yeah its never gonna work
Adam: so move the Jews to Baja. Thank you very much. I would say to move the Palestinians to Baja. But they are going to start blowing the Mexicans up. So we move the Jews over to Baja and leave the Palestinians and when they get board they will just blow each other up.

Adam: Bill Belamy has left and Benji is now here.
Benji: thats right not as tall as him.
Adam: but funnier better looking and blacker.
Benji: yes thank you
Bill: way to go B
Adam: I envy being black, you dont need to remember anyones name just their first initial. Number two, I watch these black comedians like night at the Apollo and they just come out are like where are you all from. Philadelphia, PHILLY in the HIzhouse. And its like wow. And Im like man I want to do that
Benji: you know what I think its easier for them to like to be funnier. White people are really easy to make fun of. Most of us are pretty hokey like "be careful you dont want to hurt yourself"
Adam: I know thank god as white people we have fat people, because that is the only people we can make fun of. You know as white people we are the black peoples fat people. Ever think about that. Its heavy manLee Ann youre 19.
Lee Ann: what hello
Adam: turn your whatever down, and talk to us. Whats your problem?
Lee Ann: Ive been going out with my boyfriend for 2-4 months and uh hes not acting as interested as used to and Im worried that he is just telling me to leave.

Benji: ha ha ha
Adam: whats he want from you more
Benji: how long have you gone out
Lee Ann: like 2-4 months
Drew: and hes losing interest
Lee Ann: yes

Drew: well that happens
Benji: at least its only been 2-4 months
Drew: as least you didnt waste like two years
Benji: yeah
Lee ann: but yeah we already exchanged I love yous and everything and I dont want to run this time
Drew: what do you mean you dont want to run
Lee Ann: no I mean before I want to get hurt I always run. And this time I want to stick it out and I dont know
Benji: where you from Hun
Drew: Oklahoma
Adam: give us an example of how he is losing interest
Lee Ann: well hes not saying he loves me all the time anymore like he use to. Hes acting like he wants to spend more time with his friends
Benji: maybe he is comfortable now
Drew: some of that is normal, as the relationship becomes more routine
Benji: I mean when you talk to him. Hes reading a magazine and he goes great, oh yeah good to hear.
Lee ann: no, not really
Drew: no that is next month
Adam: I Ought to hang out with him teach his some of my tricks. Listen Lee Ann are you needy? I mean this is what we are asking. Is he sliding into his comfort zone that we all get into in relationships where we dont have to come running when the person comes through the front door
Lee Ann: I understand that but hes being more of a jerk now too.
Drew: give us an example

Lee Ann: hes basically ignoring me when we go out and he spending time with his friends
Benji: how old is he?
Lee Ann: hes 20
Adam: and when you tell him this what does he say
Lee Ann: he says that he doesnt want to talk about it and just walks off
Drew: well I think its time for the talk. Which is this thing isnt going right
Benji: it sounds like your needs arent being fulfilled. I think its time to think about us. A little you and me time ok?
Drew: you and Benji
Lee Ann: all right I can do that
Benji: (laughs)
Adam: listen heres the deal everybody if the person your with isnt treating you the way you want to be treated realistically then you can tell them. But if they ignore it you can move on.
Benji: it also depends on how hot he is
Adam: is he hot?
Lee Ann: yes he is
Benji: then you should give him a little more leeway.
Lee Ann: why?
Benji: because its a natural right if someone is beautiful
Adam: yes why bother being hot
Benji: that was a joke.
Adam: whats this guy do for a living
Benji: does he work at Wal-Mart
Lee Ann: his what
Benji: Wal-Mart
Lee Ann: no he doesnt work at Wal-Mart
Adam: wheres he work?
Lee Ann: hes an electrician
Adam: does his dad call him Gordo
Drew: Adams electrician calls his son Gordo
Adam: my electrician calls his son Gordo. Its great fat Mexican kid. "hey Gordo get me the uh" its like Gordo doesnt that just mean fat in Mexican. "Yeah thats what we call him hes fat"
Benji: did you just say does that mean fat in Mexican
Adam: I mean Spanish
Drew: you said Mexican
Adam: so his dad was a Mexican, so his dad was an electrician
Benji: your not pregnant are you?
Lee Ann: no no.
Benji: thank heavens
Adam: are you cute?
Lee Ann: yes Im very cute
Adam: then you dont have to put up with this.

Benji: have a talk with him and if he doesnt straighten up kick him in the crotch
Adam: we have a question for Benji, Brawnwin whats up?
Brawnwin: I had a question for Benji.
Benji: this is not going to be embarrassing, is it because we are on the radio.
Brawnwin: no its not
Benji: good
Brawnwin: me and my aunt saw you in San Diego last Friday, actually the last 4 shows. And she was mostly wondering more than I was what my bloody valentine was suppose to be about?
Benji: well the lyrics to my bloody valentine were inspired by Edgar Allen Poes A Tale Tell Heart. A little bit but basically its a fictional song about if you like a girl so much its kind of demented but you like a girl so much that shes got a boyfriend and your sorta her best friend. Kinda like the call earlier the consoling like. And basically you killer her boyfriend to be with her and when she is crying over her boyfriend she is crying on your shoulder and youre the one who killed her boyfriend. And its fictional and my mother doesnt like that song very much. But its one of my favorites.
Brawnwin: well thats what we were thinking, because she thought it was about that Valentines Day massacre.
Benji: we should start saying its about that though
Brawnwin: um. I like on Sundays show I took like 3 rolls of pictures and none of them came out I was wondering if I could buy any from you guys
Benji: how about next time we play a show just come take a picture we always hang out. And you can come meet us. Dont buy one off ebay. Kids that all crap. Dont buy autographed stuff its all fake.
Brawnwin: so if I go up to the guards and be like hey yeah I talked to Benji and he said I could come backstage. And they say oh yeah right
Benji: just look for us after shows we always come out and sign autographs.
Brawnwin: really like usually where?
Benji: just youll see back by the barricades.
Brawnwin: thank you so much you guys are the best.
Benji: thank you
Adam: so drew what are we doing, are we taking a break.
Drew: sure
Adam: who are going to talk to when we get back
Drew: Brandon
Adam: whats Brandons story
Drew: he got kicked in the nuts by his girlfriend, they broke up
Adam: what about Amanda over here left for a bisexual chick her boyfriend
Drew: 13
Adam: shes 13 and her boyfriend left her for a bisexual.
Benji: unless her boyfriend is like 21
Drew: trouble, troublesome. You want to do it?
Adam: Charles over there is getting married, not as exciting. Let me just hear what Amanda sounds like. Amanda
Amanda: yes
Adam: your boyfriend left you for a bisexual chick
Amanda: yeah I just found out about it today but I havent confronted him about it
Benji: how old his he?
Amanda: hes 13 too
Benji: so you guys are like playing house right? And these are all things you read about right
Amanda: he lives kinda far so when my friend goes and visits him she sees him all over this other girl and stuff.
Drew: how is she bisexual
Adam: how do you know shes bisexual
Benji: how do you know what a bisexual is
Amanda: well we asked her and she said yeah I have a girlfriend and a boyfriend
Adam: all right hold on a second these sassy girls have to grow up so fast these days
Benji: I have a cousin thats 13 and she better not know what a bisexual is. I didnt know maybe Im a late bloomer but I didnt really know how sex really worked until I was like 13.
Adam: well I was like 23 and I was like can I put my ding-a-ling in your foo-foo. I was scratching myself real fast real long and something came out of my ding-a-ling its all sticky. Im 29. Well take a quick break. Were here with Benji from Good Charlotte.

Adam: welcome to loveline. Im Adam thats Dr. Drew and Benji is here from Good Charlotte
Benji: and you just missed Adam and Drew arguing over if they knew a farmer or not.
Adam: I was telling drew. Well Benjis dad was a butcher and then he worked in like the meat packing industry.
Benji: and in the slaughterhouses. Mostly butcher though.
Adam: is that different than meatpacking
Benji: yeah basically he was the guy who would cut the throat.
Adam: really. Cows, pigs, whatever came though there
Benji: yeah shot them
Adam: that was his job. He was the executioner
Benji: yeah pretty crazy I remember. But that was when I was real young. Later he was just like a butcher or whatever. And he always smelled like blood. But when I was little I didnt realize it. But even after my dad took a shower he would smell like blood. It was weird because like a while ago. A couple of years ago I was in a grocery store in like the meat department and someone was like one of my friends picked up a steak and it was all bloody. And I smelled it and it just had that reminiscing. Smells can bring back memories. The hobo-power of a
Adam: if people work at a donut shop they dont want to come home and have a donut. Would you dad want to have a steak?

Benji: yea.
Adam: I like that. I like that
Benji: which I became vegetarian later because I love animals
Adam: oh yeah because you want to do the opposite of whatever your parents say. So I was yelling at drew telling him he knew no one in the meat packing business
Drew: we said the only people we know are entertainment people
Adam: and aircraft and uh drew said he knew some people over at Farmer John.
Drew: I do
Adam: who do you know over at Farmer John
Drew: I know people who own it for one thing. And this girl I knew when I was in medical school who worked there for a while
Benji: what is Farmer John
Drew: its a meat packing company. Local. They make the Dodger dogs
Adam: drew you know the Farmer Johns
Drew: uh huh
Adam: wow. La de da
Benji: either of you guys vegetarian
Adam: no. I would be but I cant. I cant help it I get cravings
Drew: no
Benji: there is a great restaurant called Native Foods in Westwood (CA) ah the food is amazing. I implore you, to notice I say implore I only use that word if I feel strongly about something
Adam: what do you eat. Do you eat like eggs and cheese.
Benji: you know I was vegan for a while, and recently started working out a little bit and stuff so I started eating eggs again.
Adam: get a little protein. So whats a normal dinner for you. Do you eat fish?
Benji: occasionally. Thats the only meat I really feel comfortable eating. But I was totally vegan for a while to a point I wouldnt even eat. And I felt great about it. But I started working out and I was like I wanted to you know eat well.
Adam: how do you go on the road when your vegan
Benji: its really hard. But you can do it. I have friends that are so like John Feldman is a really good friend of mine. And he is so strict vegan like he never breaks it. And he goes on the road and like hes amazing about it.
Adam: what do you do bring a 30 pound sack of tofu (LARD) with you
Benji: no they have like guides you can follow. they have any information you will ever need. Basically try to help facilitate anyone who wants to become vegetarian. I mean you can get guides of like vegetarian restaurants and stores
Adam: do you do like the meat substitutes?
Benji: yeah that stuff is awesome
Adam: Ill tell you what does work is that uh like those breakfast patties because there is so much oil in them you fry them up and you dont know whats going on.
Adam: Amanda, your 13 and were talking about your boyfriend he left you for a chick that is bisexual.
Drew: but its a guy you rarely see your boyfriend.
Amanda: I havent dumped him yet Im going to dump him tomorrow.
Benji: are you going to write him a note or do it in person
Amanda: Im going to do it in person
Drew: how often do you actually see him?
Amanda: Im gonna take the bus down there with all my friends. I see him every Friday
Adam: where is down there you live in San Diego.
Amanda: yeah. He lives in La Mesa
Adam: La Mesa how far away from you is that?
Amanda: well Im in San Pedro so its not that far
Adam: so he goes to a different school
Amanda: uh huh
Adam: when your 13 you cant date a guy that goes to a different school.
Amanda: I mean it has been working out fine until I found out he was cheating on me.
Benji: Amanda I have a question for you. This is Benji. You guys havent been fooling around. Just because you know what a bisexual is doesnt mean that you are sexually active or anything.
Amanda: oh no
Benji: good you scared me there for a minute girl
Adam: but when your 13 and a guy goes to a different school
Benji: but when your 13 its a real boyfriend
Drew: if it were a boyfriend and you see him once a week
Benji: but in their mind that is what a relationship is.
Adam: all right lets speak to Veronica whos a virgin. Veronica?
Veronica: yeah
Adam: youre a virgin
Veronica: yeah
Adam: you sound like youre 12
Veronica: no Im 20
Benji: so whats wrong with that
Veronica: no its not that its
Benji: I respect that
Adam: Id like to find a nice vegan virgin for myself.
Drew: named veronica
Benji: are you vegan
Veronica: uh no. but I was vegetarian for a while.
Adam: still got the v in there
Benji: all right so whats the problem?
Veronica: ok well my boyfriend. Ive been with him for five months and hes not a virgin
Benji: that sucks
Veronica: and I guess Im kinda intimidated by it
Drew: have you had a boyfriend before
Veronica: yeah
Adam: was that guy a virgin
Veronica: yeah I had a boyfriend for like 2 years
Adam: how far have you gone with a guy
Veronica: everything but
Adam: and youre intimidated because you might be having sex with this guy soon and your scared.
Veronica: no when I was 16 I had a sexual assault.
Drew: whoa what was that
Veronica: when I was 16 a guy like a stranger I didnt know he like fingered me with 4 fingers and I was really shaken up by that

Drew: where was this at a party how did this happen
Veronica: no I was in San Francisco on a vacation and I was walking around
Drew: and he attacked you and did that. You didnt try to fight him off.
Veronica: yeah I think I probably would have been raped but uh
Adam: was this just out on the street
Veronica: well I was in a store and like whatever and he like said he needed help. And I was really naive and stupid and went out with him. it was in like an alley type thing.
Drew: oh god
Adam: the point is. 4 fingers by the way.
Benji: sorry that that happened
Adam: yeah me too. And uh ok so your worried that guy your with is going to want sex
Benji: do you tell the guy that youre with how you were assaulted
Veronica: yeah and he said that hes cool with it. Im just having a hard time
Drew: and your worried that because hes not a virgin that hed going to cheat
Veronica: maybe that but not so much. As far as the fact that he says hes ok with it. But I dont know if he is or not. Im just scared that hes not
Adam: being ok with the virgin part
Benji: well he doesnt really have a choice does he. I mean I know you cant make him do anything. But that is your choice. You need to take your time you need to be the way you are
Drew: its probably hard for a guy to be completely clear about it. Hes ok with it now and well see if hes ok with it as time goes on
Adam: listen guys are, the concept of the virgin is fine with guys its just remaining a virgin for the two years you are with a guy is not fine with the guy. We dont mind the virgin part. Guys are just looking for a virgin so they are de-flower the virgin at some point and they dont want it to go on too long
Drew: and thats what she needs to
Adam: but veronica at age 20 sounded like she was 13 and there are parts missing to that story and there are issues floating around veronica.
Benji: good luck veronica
Adam: ok we are going to take ourselves a little break Benji from Good Charlotte is here, well be right back

Adam: we are here with Benji from Good Charlotte and we have been pealing this kid like an onion and there are many layers to the band man.
Benji: guys its been great
Adam: always good to see you
Bill: way to go B!
Benji: thank you Bill, thank you Bill
Adam: so Benji we will see you on Saturday.
Benji: yes
Adam: and the dumb and dumberer guys are going to be here tomorrow night. So well talk to them. And Id like to thank you
Benji: when Im back in town Ill be here every night
Adam: please and everyone go out and buy a Good Charlotte CD. Until next time this is Adam Carolla and that is Dr. Drew. What I got to do is pick me up a kitten and bang your best friend

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