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benjis so hardcore
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Benji is so hardcore because.....

- he takes the batteries out of the smoke detector

- he dosn't use a guiter pic

- he gives his troll dolls mohawks and spikes

- he'll run around naked in the rain saying 'Ima pretty lady!'

- he only looks one way before crossing the street

- he scratches himself in public

- he's not ashamed to cry like a wuss

- he makes Joel poke him in the eye to get his eyeliner to run down his cheeks

- he eats Ca$h's leftovers

- he eats with a spork

- he took a picture with a banana in his pants

- he only eats black m&m's

- he drinks milkshakes with a *skinny* straw

- he painted his room pink

- he doesn't wear his seatbelt while riding in a car

- he's in touch with his femine side

- he sleeps with a nite-lite

- he pees sitting down

- he takes to many items into the express lane...on purpose *gasp*

- he doesn't put toilet paper on the seat before sitting down

- he eats ice-cream with a fork

- he reads women's digest to find out what women want

- he drinks pepsi but doesn't think he's young

- he dosn't where a seatbelt while driving

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