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50 ways to tell you are obssessed with gc
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1. Your parents know the words to all the Good Charlotte songs.
2. After you find out that the guys in Good Charlotte like a certain group you thought nothing of before, that group starts to sound pretty darn good.

3. You stay up till 3:30 am just to listen to "Little Things" in case it comes on HFS.

4. You know that you will be loving Good Charlotte until you die, and go to concerts and mosh when you're 50.

5. You and a fellow Good Charlotte fan/girl/groupie/buddy have Good Charlotte nights together (a sacred ritual not to be messed with)

6. You want to be best friends with anyone who walks by in a Good Charlotte shirt, or humming a Good Charlotte tune.

7. You seriously stalk Steve, Good Charlotte's manager.

8. You invited the guys in Good Charlotte to your birthday party, even though you barely know them.

9. You know all of the Good Charlotte boy's family members.

10. You love going to Good Charlotte concerts because you are "among your people" (the people who really know good music).

11. You ran 60mph with an instant camera in your underwear to snap pictures of those o so sexy boys.

12. The first instant you saw Good Charlotte in the flesh your heart skipped a beat, or actually a few beats.

13. You have never wanted to be in a band so bad before.

14. The more people who associate your name with Good Charlotte any time they hear about them, the better.

15. Your concert tickets are framed on your wall (hey i thought everyone did that??).

16. You swear that Joel, Benji,Paul, or Billy looked at you for at least one millisecond even though you were buried under 3 people.

17. You're doing something like this with your time.

18. If you had to get a tattoo it would be Good Charlotte, the GC logo, or a tatoo like one of the GC boys has somewhere on your body.

19. At least once you have woken-up and the first thing on your mind is Good Charlotte.

20. You would do ANYTHING for backstage passes, or a chance to "hook up" with one of those GC guys. (fat chance tho)

21. You have almost busted the redial button on your phone calling a radio station trying to request a GC song.

22. You have harassed at least one innocent person connected with putting on a Good Charlotte concert for one reason or another.

23. Anyone who prevents you from getting as close to the stage as possible is DEAD!

24. You have stolen Good Charlotte (the balloons, posters, etc.) promotional material while authorities were watching and run for your life -and now that material is proudly hanging in your room where it belongs.

25. You screamed and jumped around the one hour photo shop when you got your pictures back from the show, and once again scared innocent bystanders. :)

26. You have weird Good Charlotte dreams.

27. You wish you could dream about the Good Charlotte boys every night.

28. You still haven't thrown anything away or taken anything out of the bag (besides clothes) that you took on a trip to a distant Good Charlotte concert.

29. There is no Good Charlotte song you don't love with a passion.

30. If you see or hear a line from any Good Charlotte song anywhere, you can finish the song.

31. You have Good Charlotte "connections".

32. Study time very easily turns into Good Charlotte sing-a-long time.

33. Suddenly, every guy with hair like Billy's or an eyebrow ring is drop dead sexy.

34. It's so easy for you to find friends at a Good Charlotte concert.

35. You would give your little toe to spend an entire day and night with the Good Charlotte boys.

36. If you met the hottest guy/girl they would be as good as gone if they dissed Good Charlotte

37. You would cancel your life for a year to go on tour with Good Charlotte.

38. You are hastily trying to form a band so that when Good Charlotte goes on tour you can be their opening act.

39. Your parents worry about you.

40. You taught yourself how to play at least one Good Charlotte song on the piano/guitar, etc.

41. Girls: You would be the love slave of any/all of the guys anytime, anyplace, any space.

42. You sit and stare into the eyes of Joel, Benji, Billy, or Paul on a picture or poster until you loose focus.

43. You have listened to a Good Charlotte song and just listened to Aaron's drumming, Paul's base chords, etc.

44. You know you would be the perfect, gorgeous person for a Good Charlotte video and are desperately wanting to be discovered.

45. You have met at least one of your best friends due to Good Charlotte.

46. You make a Good Charlotte web page. (we're all obsessed then)

47. You feel like ripping out your hair every time someone tells you to: "Get over it! You Psycho Good Charlotte Lover, they are never gonna marry or date you"!!!!!!!!

48. When you make your 2 year-old brother memorize the lyrics to GC.

49. When you touch the radio Good Charlotte automatically comes on.

50. You scream when you see a person with a Good Charlotte shirt on and you want to run up to them and start a huge GC conversation.

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